About Us


About Us

Value Assets Management through its host of services combined with technology generates meaningful results for buying and selling of movable and immovable assets. The company is led by an able team with more than 25 years of experience in the fields of technology, finance and marketing. We resolve complex issues entangled by engaging all the stakeholders and generate fruitful results. Since 2015 the company has successfully worked on 100 plus transactions representing the buyers, sellers, banks, arcs, smes and large corporates.

Our services include
  • Value Sell
  • Value Buy
  • Value Fin
  • Value Consult
  • Value Services
  • Value Partner
  • Value Expo
  • Value Road Show

Our Leadership Team


Venkata Subramanyan

Founder CEO Value Assets Marketing Pvt Ltd

Ram Anantharaman

Board Member at Value Assets, Sillicon Valley Technologist

Madhu Avalur

Advisor, Entrepeneur, CEO & Founder of Angaros; Founder Chelbis Company

Vijay Seshadri

Advisor, Entrepeneur, Board Member Chargebee Advisor to startups

Stan Kuruvilla

Risk and Legal, Board Advisor at Touch Talent, Advisor to Startups